A Brighter Outlook

Taking things out of context makes them difficult to understand, but I wonder if its ever possible to get the entirety of context without actually having been there in the first place – even then you’d need to be pretty astute and observational to see everything that was going on in that moment and the moments leading up to it.

Most of the things we say and do are a result of our individual thought process, opinions, and interpretations of what we perceive and we can never really know what another person is or was thinking when they did something that may have led to a series of events and conversations which spawned the thing that was quoted out of context and became massively misinterpreted.

Certainly I don’t feel that I can ever be aware enough of my own subconscious workings to say that I remember exactly why I said or did a thing, and even if I was sure enough in myself of the reasons I sincerely doubt that I could express them outwardly in a way that even remotely explains how much sense it made in my head. Even the most detailed story which gives as much background information and explanation as is reasonably possible will be open to the readers’ interpretation which is then based on their own psychological makeup and inner thought processes.

Everyone is different, has different expectations, and different levels of engagement, and therefore different experience of the same thing.

As an analogy: ten people get onto a rollercoaster together. They are different ages, genders, creeds, etc and have different levels of fear, excitement, stoicism, or whatever before the ride begins. Some of those people will scream because they are enjoying the ride, some will scream because they are scared, others won’t scream but will be scared, and others will just enjoy the ride with a smile. Some might even not enjoy the ride. It’s the same ride and the same time for each person, but each person takes something different out of the experience.

I’m not really sure what point I’m making, but I guess that’s kind of my point: not everything is as deep and meaningful as you think it is, and pretty much everything can be deep and meaningful if you look at it the right way. Adjust your point of view and see the world in different colours everyday.

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