Cold Games of Rainy Chess

So I shall play this game.

Board set. Pieces placed precariously.

The outcome is uncertain. Dice, cards and knuckle bones left bouncing to the fates.

Defend yourself! And so you do.

Neatly done. The icy hands of indecision claw at me.

Your attack is unrelenting, barrage of unmitigated misery descends upon my pawns.

I was fool enough to think I could best you.

This game was rigged and yet I stumbled on, determined to plough through providence decreed.

The cold embrace shatters my resolve.

Fuck this shower.

I’m calling the repairman.


Link to my Blog – I made it out of paper mache.



One comment

  1. I heard Natalie talking about this the other day. Now that you’ve posted it I can see why she liked it.

    I also know the pain of a shower that runs cold and have vowed to never be a slave to its whimsical nature again!

    Such things are sent to test us.

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