The Greatest Battle Ever Told

I gathered the hills in wide handfuls,

sculpting them to suit my purpose,

arranging the opposing troops on either side of Glen Duvet.

The hot sun hammered through the half shuttered window,

catching the moats in the air between the two sworn enemies.

It’s warmth caused perspiration to spring from my forehead.

My ever seeing eye swept across my creation.

the field was set.

Characters from across time and space dug their heels into the paisley hills.

Waiting for the world builders order.

My order.

Each side hesitating before they feel the hand of god lift them off into battle.

Before the war cry could be screamed I saw a flaw in my world.

A space that needed to be filled with more possibility.

I leapt across the rectangular war zone,

my small feet getting wrapped in the cotton sheets,

and grabbed another mountain for the hero of the untold battle and his nemesis.

All was ready.

Battle would commence.

There was a call from the kitchen.

After lunch.

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