A day in the life of…

The cupboard opens and I’m rudely awoken by being hastily grabbed and greeted with a spoon of coffee granules. In goes the boiling water, followed by the almond milk. I get carried around from room to room, put down, picked up; before they gulp down the now cool coffee in one go. Now I’m thrown on the floor. I get a couple of hours to myself until I’m picked up, much more gently this time, rinsed out and this time filled with a teabag, a spoon of sugar and some soya milk. This time I’m cradled and the tea gets sipped slowly while it’s still hot. Once empty, bar the dregs, I snuggle into a comfortable cushion on the sofa watching the pages of a book being turned. After a while the doorbell rings and there are lots of “hellos” and “how are yous.” I get set on the counter next to the big cat mug fresh from the cupboard. We exchange a passing greeting before the tea making process begun, ending up facing each other as our users chatted and sipped their tea. After an hour of sitting in the window sill and admiring the view looking down onto the garden and neighbouring houses, I was plunged into hot soapy water along with the cat mug. We relaxed into the soapy bliss for a few minutes as the remains of the tea rinsed away. Then we got rubbed over with a sponge which washed away the stains which had trickled down our sides. We got placed upside down on the draining board to dry off. We sat together for the rest of the evening until the kettle was flicked on again. I got picked up and the scent of camomile filled the room as the hot liquid swirled around inside me. I got carried through and cradled in bed, along with the hot water bottle. Finally when the herbal tea was drained, I was put down on the floor and the bedside light was switched off for the night. I listened to the deep breathing of the sleeper, waiting to be picked up again for coffee in the morning.

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