Your Shadow

I don’t choose to be there, right behind you.

I am compelled to be there.

Since we were young something has drawn me to you.

I have been with you, from city to city.

You keep moving searching for a home, since your heart has no home.

Your roots are lost.

No where can fill in the gaps.

To me you are my escape from life.

Everything stops for the time we are together.

I know you have been with me through every step of my life.

Laughing until we cry.

Laughing until our skin starts to show laughter lines.

For the time we are together,

We live is blissful ignorance to the fact, you have less time than me.

You are broken and no one can fix you.

You hide your illness from almost everyone.

Creating a barrier.

This allows everyone to only see normality.

Yet I have held you,

felt your tears fall against my skin,

I hear your fear.

I will never tell you goodbye,

as this would burst our bubble,

we would face real life,

the blissfulness will end,

leaving only the cold truth.

but I am entirely with you.


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