Coffee shop inhabitants

He sat beneath the clusters of framed film posters, the ID badge round his neck suggesting someone of slight importance. This impression was intensified by his stylish glasses, carefully tousled grey hair, expensive looking charcoal sweater and black trousers. He held on to his pen, piece of paper in hand, as he addressed the other group members. The four others were grouped around him in such a way that suggested he was the central figure in whatever reason they had for meeting. He had quite a gentle voice to go with his pleasant features, resting his chin on his hand thoughtfully while he listened to the others talking.

A man in his late fifties sat on the sofa, slouching and fiddling with his pen in an irritated manner. His jeans were straight from the eighties and paired with a red checked shirt, sleeves rolled up to reveal his faded tattoos. He wore brown hiking boots and had his hair slicked back with gel. He was staring straight ahead of him, clearly not paying attention to what the grey haired man was saying. The expression on his face gave away his boredom, the creases in his face exaggerating this along with his blank stare.

People trickled in and out as their meeting continued, the bored man continuing to express his lack of interest. His eyes followed the other customers from time to time; watching the smart elderly lady chatting animatedly to her friend underneath the crooked lampshade, the pretty young girl sitting on her own cradling a mug of coffee whilst reading a book and the mixture of people rushing in and out with takeaway cups. He turned his attention back to the grey haired man, trying not to let his dislike for him show. He picked up his nearly empty cup so that he could look as if he actually had a reason to be there still, as he could see the waitress behind the counter eyeing up their long finished drinks.


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