There was a boy

Out here in the countryside there was nothing to mar the view of the gorgeous colours of the waning sun, reflecting off the surface of the water. Among the trees there were various rustlings indicating the movements of the forest wildlife.

The owl emerged from its hiding place within the tree, listening out for the boy who liked to call to them. He was often seen standing alone looking at something unknown across the lake. The owl enjoyed listening to the boy’s owl noises which he had perfected over time by listening to the responses.

The owl ruffled his feathers as he waited but the familiar noises never came. He stretched out his wings in preparation to take flight, finally pushing off the thick branch that he perched on. Taking off, he soared magnificently towards the darkening sky. It felt wonderful to stretch out and feel the cool breeze of the night.

The owl then began a downward journey to have a peek at the place the boy liked to go, in case he was there after all. Swerving to the left he flew downwards in a diagonal fashion, landing gracefully on a thick log which had embedded itself into the ground. He sat upright and surveyed the area with his round yellow eyes.

There was nothing but tree trunks sporting browning leaves which were just beginning to fall. As the night deepened the lake began to glitter with the reflection of the stars in the sky. While he was alone, the owl took the time to groom his feathers with his beak. There was still no sign of the boy.

Giving up, he beat his wings once more to rise into the air and go about his duties. After hunting, killing and eating his prey the owl headed home before the sun rose; making pretty colours in the sky and taking away the mystery of the night. He shuffled into his tree, tucked his head under his wing and closed his eyes to sleep.

He thought to himself he would look for the boy again that night, as he had been doing for over a week now. It was strange for him not to come.

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