The open front door

black-jack-fruit-salad“Bring, Brrrring!” Yee-haa! Home time and I’m outta here! Like a bolt of lightning I grab my duffel coat and PE kit, run to the playground, wave to all my friends and meet my big, annoying sister, Cathy, at the gate. Luckily she walks with her silly friend Marie so I can run ahead on the loooong walk home. Whoosh! I can’t stop when I go down the big hill and almost fall over at the lights to the bridge, man I’m fast! Dad would be proud! Home and Away then Neighbours for me! I pray Mum doesn’t make dinner at the wrong time and make us miss it like she sometimes does. Ugh, she makes yucky food and it’s so annoying I’m made to stay at the table until I’m finished. It’s soooo unfair. Luckily sometimes she gets fed up with waiting for me to finish and leaves me in the kitchen alone so I hide bits of food in the bin and cupboards, hehe. “Finished” I shout so she comes to check my plate and lets me free, haha I tricked her again! If only the dinner ladies were so easy to beat – I usually use my bestest friend in the whole wide world, Tara, as a distraction so I can scrape it all into the bin without getting caught. Ugh school dinners! Yuck! Only nice thing is the dinosaurs and we barely ever get them. As I zoom around the corner of our street I’m almost home and run as fast as Flash Gordon to the bottom of the steps, (Cathy’s shouting behind me because I ran off again, she’s such a stroppy grass, I hate her!)… The door’s open but Mum’s not putting the rubbish out? That’s strange. Why else would it be open? I hear shouting. It’s Mum and Dad, nothing unusual there then! She’s always having a go at him and telling him off, just like she does to me. She hates us because we’re fun and she’s a stress head. I wipe my feet and shout hello whilst taking my shoes off. A door slams then Dad comes downstairs. Mums still shouting, I asked Dad to who as he picks me up and cuddles me and he says to herself. See, she’s crazy, I knew it. Cathy comes in telling on me to Dad but he just laughs and kisses Cathy on the head. Haha, she gets even more stroppy because I’m not getting told off so runs up to Mum to grass on me. I hear Mum shout at her to go away so I stick the TV on and am happy to be in time for some Count Duckula. My baby sister Ivy loves this but Dad says she’s at Granny Annie’s today. No fair. I love my Granny Annie and her boyfriend Herbert. They let us eat sweets and sneak us 50p pocket money when Mum isn’t looking, tee-hee. I spend it all on Blackjacks and Fruit Salads over at Daves shop or get spearmint whoppa’s at Saturday morning pictures. I love the cinema. I always take in my favourite record hoping it will get played. We win at the tidy row competition lots (by throwing all the rubbish to the row behind or in front, hehe)! Becki and Tara always come with me. One day Becki won the raffle and she shared her sweets and Cola Panda Pop with us. She’s great and her Mum Claire lets us do whatever we want. I wish I was her. She gets to live in the countryside. We sit on the swings and sing Madonna as loud as possible then we get lost in the woods. It’s her Halloween party soon, though I doubt Mum will let me go as she says it’s against God but I think she just doesn’t want me to have fun and she’s angry I love Claire more than her. Claire would never shout at me or ground me. I’ll just have to beg Dad to persuade Mum, otherwise it will be so unfair. Everyone from school will be there and I need to see Brian Jansen as he’s the best-looking boy in the World, even better looking than PJ and Duncan and I luuuurrrvvvvee them! I want to kiss him but horrid Maria Bilson always tries to steal him from me. She’s the prettiest girl in school but she’s not very friendly. Me and Tara hate her and try to put worms in her hair. Becki likes her though and this upsets me as I’m her best-friend and she’d better not steal her!

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