A (somewhat edited) poem I submitted a year ago as coursework.


Someone with such grace and class
Was always going to be admired.

I recall our decadent dinners,
And your rich ramblings,
And your heavenly home,
Without a single worry about
The fragility of our lives.

You departed early.
Like a falling star you spiralled from your celestial heights
And crashed into your deathbed,
In a room full of deathbeds,
In a building full of rooms, full of deathbeds.

Entombed in your white sheets,
Your skeletal pallor smiled that sickly smile.
Suddenly I felt as if I would be fine.
Your sweet smile succumbed soon after that,
And that bed soon had one more person awaiting doomsday.

A sea of black circles you,
And a man who never knew you describes your life and achievements.
I cry, and everybody cries, but I can’t help but feel
My tears are summoned by a slightly different emotion.
You’re laid to rest and I try to lay you to rest too.

I don’t try to forget,
But I don’t try to remember too often either.
And even though that ‘What if…’ lingers gingerly,
Every time you smile sweetly in my memory,
I don’t worry about that so much any more.

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