Through 1107 old Eyes

I’ve grown very tall this year. So tall that I can now open the fridge and reach the yoghurt on the bottom shelf all by myself so I don’t have to wake Mommy. I wanted to watch telly as I usually did but I couldn’t because the telly was broken since a few days back and someone was supposed to come and fix it but hadn’t done it yet. Suddenly I felt a very strong breeze blowing into the kitchen which was weird because it was a cold one like the ones outside in the fall when you’re playing with the leaves on the ground but I didn’t understand since I was inside and it was also spring so there wasn’t suppose to be any cold winds. I went out into the hallway and saw that the front door was wide open and one might think that is also strange but I only closed it by grabbing the edge of the door and pulling it shut since I’m too short to reach the knob just yet.

But here comes the funny part and in my age most things are funny in its own way even if Mommy and Daddy don’t often understand what’s funny because I think maybe they have seen all these things so many times already but I haven’t. But as I looked back into our house I saw someone standing by the stairs and I knew it wasn’t Mommy or Daddy because this someone was not at all like them but very different. I know ’different how’ but I don’t know different how I just know different and he was dark as if he was standing by the staircase and it was nighttime and it was very dark and therefore his face would obviously also be very dark but it wasn’t dark so I didn’t understand. I said ”hello mister” and mister nodded a little and he was so tall I had to bend my head very far back to see that nod but he didn’t speak words. I said ”who are you and why are you in our house do you know mommy or daddy or are you going to fix our telly” but he only shook his head and then he pointed upstairs and I understood that he wondered who lived up there. I told him ”hey mister it’s rude to ask such in a house where you don’t know anyone but it’s only me who live up there but mommy says I’ll get a brother very soon and then he’ll keep me company.” Mister answered that I wouldn’t get a brother and he said it very clear but I couldn’t see his mouth moving and that made me very cross so I raised my voice just cause I did think it was a bad thing to say he shouldn’t say that.

I think my voice was maybe too loud because Mommy came out of her bedroom and looked very tired and wanted to know why I was screaming and I told her ”hey mister here says things that aren’t true and he came in without asking.” Mommy just looked at me and wanted to know what game I was playing and I said ”no game” and pointed at the mister by the staircase and she looked but she pretended not to see him. She said ”there’s no one there stop being silly” but I saw mister and he was moving now and began walking up the stairs and I shrieked at him then and said ”stop it!” and Mommy screamed at me and said ”stop screaming” and mister was already up the stairs and he stopped just at the top and turned to look at me again. I was really scared now cause I didn’t know mister and I didn’t want mister to go into my room and touch my things and because Mommy couldn’t see him and then mister tells me that he’s gonna live here from now on instead of my brother and then he disappears. And I know I’m very tall now and can reach the yoghurt in the fridge but I can’t help it I start crying and Mommy hugs me and tells me it was all a bad dream.

In the first draft I wrote with ordinary sentences, complete with full stops and commas. But I didn’t like that structure, and didn’t feel that it caught the childish essence I wanted to portray. So then I changed it completely, and quite extremely. I thought that children do not perceive things the same way adults do. If you talk to children, you notice that they do not structure their speech or mind grammatical rules. Therefore in order to convincingly portray the mind of a child – in this case a very small child – it needed to be reflected in the writing. Except for the structure, children tend to jump from one subject to another, their stories are often fast paced and doesn’t always fit together. As a result I chose to write in the most childish way I could imagine – by using ridiculously long sentences, occasionally drift away from the action and make strange parallels.

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