A Horrifying Secret – A Work in Progress

An innocent enough looking mausoleum. In an innocent looking cemetery. wish we’d known.Is there ever such a thing as an innocent looking mausoleum? Can a mausoleum be innocent considering is a building filled with death? I have heard the same argument about hospitals as well. The only mausoleum in my small town, was one that hadn’t been used since before my parents were born. It was never opened and it appeared that no one ever visited the inhabitants to pay their respects to the dead within.

Yet you couldn’t help but worded about the things within it. It had been rumoured that the old Lady Olivier had been entombed with a diamond necklace with millions, enticing many a thief to doors of the innocuous building. And yet no one could penetrate the concrete doors. It was almost as if they had been welded shut when the last member of the family had been loving placed within its walls. For years people tried to get inside – theirs trying to get at that precious diamond, and youths ignorant of the significance of the building looking for a place to hide form the cold. It wasn’t until the late 90’s that people really started to wonder why the building was locked up quite so tight. The last living member of the family had moved to Europe not long before then and could not be found to be questioned.

By the time I was 9 the had decided that the doors had to come off. The whole town got behind this decision. They were going to blow the doors off! Halloween in 2010 the doors were removed and to the abject horror of the entire town, the inside was seen. And the coffins weren’t.

The mausoleum was entirely empty.

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