A Walk in His Shoes – Character Analysis

Some people say you can tell a lot about a person’s character by the shoes they wear. Smart, polished, sleek…this guy means business. Maybe his crisp white shirt or his tailored black suit gives it away. Maybe I would have thought he was looking sharp for a funeral, but his shirt collar is undone and the loosened tie which hangs around his neck is red. He sits forward in his chair, one hand on his laptop as he flicks through documents, the other wrapped round his mobile phone which he holds to his ear.

His coffee sits to the side, completely ignored, probably gone cold. The conversation flows and he becomes very animated with his hand gestures, alternating between that, using the laptop and squeezing the sides of his forehead together with his thumb and two fingers. He looks a healthy, trim guy, who takes good care of himself. But it’s probably the pressure of a job like that, that explains the bitten fingernails, the scattering of grey appearing through his black hair, and the beginnings of dark circles under his eyes.

It just goes to show, no matter how well someone dresses, no matter how high-flying their job, we all have our flaws, our problems and our stresses. We are all just human.

So despite those shoes being smart, polished, sleek…we must remember they also have to walk through stormy weather, and there’s probably lots of cracks or scuffs under the surface which are simply just polished over.

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