Young Love; A Collection of Poems

By Robbie Michie


The Chase

Like a fish in a net, you caught my eye.

Drowning the old thoughts from my shallow mind.

You wouldn’t know – the curse of being shy

Refuses me the time of your kind.

But no, I will not let you slip away.

The faint pain of scars of old disappear

As I mould my intentions out of clay,

Forgetting, in your light, my crippling fear.

You leave me burning with an intense heat,

Connecting two things that shouldn’t cohere.

As we draw closer, you feel like concrete,

Something solid and stable, present and clear.

Between an impenetrable expanse,

You light my eyes with fires of romance.


The Truth

I made a mannequin of stardust and

Bad romance, letting it burn the places

I thought were called love. It left me like sand,

Escaping into those empty spaces

Left between my fingers by passionless

Hearts. I thought we could relight this ember.

Yes, I chose to change myself, I confess,

Ignoring pain I always remember.

Every lie I told sent me deeper in

To this trap of black. The fire was dark.

In lying of love, I was mistaken.

No good intentions can light a spark.

What I thought you’d made into burning stars

Was my selfish attempt at healing scars.


The Mess

Oh no, but if only I could rewind;

Avoiding that fatal net of your eyes.

Oh no, but if only I was behind

This pain; smiling through your painful goodbyes.

Instead I’m left with these tears of fire,

Tracing the blistering tracks of the last

Touch your fingers placed upon the Pyre

You’ve made of my bones. So I have to cast

My heart away. It’s caused too much sorrow

For these charcoal eyes and cold, dying stars

To bear. In a wreck, I searched to borrow

Some happiness to wrap around my scars.

With a sigh, I exhale my paramour,

Painfully still craving a missing cure.


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