Artists in the street

For this project I have written about characters I have encountered at events in Edinburgh. The name and origin I have made up according to what I think best to fits the character.


Name: Viola Brell From: Scotland/Denmark

I see her yawn like a lion. Her vampire-like fangs revile her predator nature. She is a critic. Blue hair, short and candy-floss like hair sits on her head. She has her grandmother’s suitcase with her, one of those 50s floral tapestry leather suitcases.  Having returned from a long journey she is happy to be sitting here, in this red lit, underground bar. The sun has gone down already and it feels like it could be 10 pm. Viola gazes at the performers as she listens and scribbles illustrations of the songs she hears. The wine she is drinking shakes to the beat of the drum, she looks past the  folk cowboy to the lock haired bassist. And he sings “Smiles and smoke, avant garde tuning in E minor.”

26th Jan. 2015 Big Mouth Monday


Name: Lola From: England and has just come from New Zealand

She appeared, from beyond that thick darkness. Her medallion earing shined like two eyes giving her a psychedelic look. While shaking her shoulders, the dark yellow and red lights twirled in a circle, then next brought her into sight. While holding on to her voice, Lola let a thread of a tone fill the air.. a pleasant sound which she ended in kisses of desperation. Her shut eyes suddenly opened, and it is as if she was allowing me to see the unrevealed character she had hidden behind her fringe. She guided my look to her guitar, which she played with a violin bow. Her voice leads me to my dreams.

2nd Feb. 2015

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