Rich and Free (poem)

Make-up your face
Throw up your food
Join the rat race
Always be good

Smile at nurse
At doctor bow
Time to rehearse
He’ll see you now

Lie right back
Feet side by side
Knees go slack
Open wide

Swallow your pill
Flash your skin
Make yourself ill
Try to be thin

Go out with boys
Open your legs
Don’t make a noise
If you get pregs

You’ll be a slut
You’ll be a whore
Keep your legs shut
You’ll be a bore

Wear less clothes
Shave off your hair
Strike a pose
With body bare

Get an eyeful
Thin and smooth
Body beautiful
Feel my groove

Like a young girl
Pic perfection
Dance and twirl
Get attention

At twelve, fifteen
twenty, thirty-five
An old has-been
As someone’s wife

Real tits and ass
‘Ugly bitch’
No sex, I pass
‘Frigid witch’

Babe in arms
Cover your breast
Lots their charms
Past their best

Cut your hair
Scrub your face
Give babe care
Now be chaste

Follow the plan
You will be
Modern woman
Rich and free

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