Sea of Gold

I see a field of flowers each unique in beauty colour and form. I see his face in every one i see but he’s not with me.If i close my eyes this could all just be a dream, one wherein you’ll stand next to me. Id hand you a drink, you’d smile down at me , then lean your head slowly down and kiss me . You’d whisper the names of those id forgot , you’d laugh at my jokes and say all the right things . You’d be dressed in gold the colour you’ve always worn, the richest king for all to see. That is why you’re not here with me. They said be careful, greed’s a fiend but all you could see was gold, a sea of gold, all yours to own. The sea so free and large capturing all who stop to marvel at its shores, beautifully blue and shimmering like a thousand diamonds are hidden beneath its waves. A sea of gold you said as the sun went down casting all in its golden light , now that’s true beauty you marvelled as you stood there bathed in gold. A wish gone wrong. Every touch was gold,cold,hard,gaudy gold. When he lived all was gold , now in death only black he see’s but me all i see, is all the colours of the world . All the colours he could never see.

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