Cafe Observation

The guy directly in front of me  is on his phone and being loud about it. For some reason he liked to stand up when he’s on the phone but only for the work call. When he calls his friend his voice slips into a broader accent, dropping more than a few ‘kens’ not conversation matching his ginger hair and short scruff. He must be on his break from work still wearing the dark cargo pants with an absurd amount of unidentifiable tools in his right lower leg pocket. I surprisingly didn’t notice when he left.

Another man is sitting on my right, reading on his phone. He’s rather gently eating away at a sandwich and he seems to be concentrating more on the phone, so his movements are very deliberate. Everything I can see from here is dark; black hair, glasses, shirt and even the bag that sits on the seat next to him. Maybe he’s just naturally conscious person because he goes over to the bin, careful to recycle, and tucks his chair in behind him when he leaves.

The girl in the red jacket is only the only one I see walking in although she is being quiet about it. She skirts the edge of the room, heading straight for the table in the back corner. It’s clear why when the light from the window catches on the foil she unwraps from around her own food. She never does take of her jacket during her short stay. It’s only after she’s finished and the foil neatly folder and thrown away that she buys a cup of something hot to take away. Her hands cluster around it as she walks back outside.

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