Cafe Observations

He was an older man, looking through his newspaper and soaking up the knowledge it radiated. His red tartan shirt was a mismatch against the simplicity of his crisp grey suit, perhaps that said a lot about who he was but then again, perhaps it said nothing at all. His eyes darted between the paper and his hot beverage. Every once in a while the blues in his eyes glistened as the light from the window shone upon them. Yes, he was alone but he clearly felt comfortable in that space. Perhaps, it was his place of solitude and thoughts.

The other side of the cafe, however, was not so peaceful as a young child cried out upon spilling an iced tea, well at least I presume that is what it was. A stressed woman sitting with the young one pushed her auburn hair out of her face as she tried to contain the child’s tears. Her modest style said little to nothing about her personality or who she was but the way she held her child until the crying came to a halt said much more. Hurriedly, the barista rushed over attending to the mess, she mouthed thank you as she hushed her child, cradling back and forth.

Abruptly, a young couple rushed through the front door, it was a cold day and you could see the relief on their faces to be in the warmth. They collected their drinks from the barista and perched themselves in the middle of the cafe. In a crowded place you could tell they felt as if they were alone. It was as if there was no one else there as he ran his pale fingers through her dark hair. They left soon after, perhaps they were headed somewhere more exciting than a coffee shop, these small glances into others lives show you the diversity of those around you.



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