Cafe Observation.

Elegant, stylish and graceful, this exquisite woman was much more dignified than to be placing herself in this busy burgundy cafe in which she floated into. My thoughts were she was meeting someone not quite on her level of richness, perhaps a relative she had not seen in over a couple of years, or a former lover who was trying to win her back thinking he was doing himself justice by bringing her to this run down, small and overcrowded place to sip on a cold coffee. Although her facial expression bore no suggestive signs of disgust or frustration her closed body language gave her inner thoughts away, the way she pulled close her silk fur necked coat closer around her as strangers brushed past trying to avoid any contact with the lower classes, the way her outer glass remained stiff and rigid from fear someone she knew would see her in this forbidden place. She was almost a replica of a fine carved out statue, the most luxurious statue ever made, contrasting perfectly with its dull, sluggish surroundings, showing a perfect example of rich and poor.

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