The Dark

The Dark, they say, is the absence of light.

My heart disagrees.

Without light there is no colour and in The Dark that’s all I see;

Behind closed eyelids a world takes shape:

It’s smell and touch and taste

It’s a soft blanket wrapped around me

While I lay on burning sand

It’s the smell of night drifting in my open window

While the ocean spray fills my nose with salt

It’s the minty taste left on my tongue from toothpaste

While all I can taste are sunscreen kisses from the messy boy sitting next to me

It’s colourful

the black of the night and the blue of the mid-day sky

the yellow of the street light and the gold of the bright sun

the pink of the water bottle on my nightstand and the red of beach-bum skin

It’s colourful and

warm under my blanket and 

dry in my bed and

soaking in the waves and

chilled in the sea breeze.

The Dark is anything but when my heart is involved.

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