They, Their and Them (coffee shop and continuation)

They were quite beautiful. Not in a conventional way, but one that snuck up on you and whispered in your ear. Their hair was longer than expected and their eyes were a deep viridian green, like a cat waiting to pounce on some unsuspecting creature. Their clothes where not extraordinary and neither was their mannerisms, but you couldn’t help but stare. If you were to pass them on the street you probably wouldn’t recognise their beauty. But, if you stopped and looked a little closer, you could see beauty in every expression of their face. They were like no one but themselves, they were them.

She walked down the cobbled streets her long hair blowing out behind her. It was dark now, not that she minded. She stopped and lay her body against the wall of the alleyway. It was darkest up against this wall and she let the black shadows swallow her. The clock began to strike, the bells echoing against the narrow walls. It rang three times. A man turned the corner and walked down the alleyway. His head was down low, his hands were in his pockets, and he walked with the pace of a man who was running from something. In a way, she supposed, he was. The girl came out from the shadows and stepped in front of the man, looking up at his pale face. The man stepped back, even in the darkness the fear on his face was enough to fill the dark alleyway. The little girl stepped forward. The man ran, like they always did. The little girls skirt bellowed as she ran after him. He was running towards something but what? But where? The church. She ran faster. Her legs were too small but that didn’t matter. She ran faster and faster and faster and faster. Then it broke. She had caught her foot in between the cobbles, her leg gave way underneath her and she felt the sharp bone sticking out through her skin. The man made it to the church and turned back facing her. The little girl walked towards him dragging her broken leg behind her until she was only a few feet from him.He stood staring at her from the archway. She reached down with her hands finding the sharp splintered edges of her bone and placed a firm little palm over it. She slammed hard and the bone went back inside of her leaving a long open gash on her leg. The little girl starred at the man one last time. Smiling, she turned away and walked off into the darkness.



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