The cafe full of humanity

As I am waiting for my toastie, as my stomach is impatiently grumbling, my eye is drawn to a moving figure to my right. The moving figure is a man, probably around 40 or 50 but who really can tell ages by appearances these days? He is perhaps one of the most intent listeners I have ever seen, and yet such a vibrant and active (may I even dare and say confident?) speaker. This is a combination that is so rare, normally it is one or the other and often than not either. My eye is immediately drawn away from this gentleman and to a baby, no let’s go, toddler walking around and interacting with a stranger in such a genuine way that you can’t help but feel a little jealous and honestly a little broody. The mother (yes I am making assumptions) then comes over with a look on her face of pure love and joy for this little creature she has created. The two mere strangers then go on to share a genuine heartwarming moment for how every human is much more similar than you would believe; and all thanks to this little creature that is now licking it’s shoe. And yes that moment was just two people looking at each other essentially. My attention then turns to a girl in the corner of the cafe who is alone and fixed to her phone. She has long blonde hair with blonde ombre tips, which she pulls off rather well considering how much of a hit and miss trend that is. She has a blush pink cardigan on which looks exceptionally cosy and I desperately want to know where it is from. Her gaze is firmly fixed on her phone, in fact I don’t think she has looked up in about 4 minutes not even during the toddler madness (where every other member of the cafe looked over and gave a smile or a ‘coo’ at some point or another), but then it happens she pensively stares out the window in what looks like a philosophical thought, or perhaps she caught me observing her through the reflection and thought I deserved a taste of my own medicine. My gaze then turns to the men right beside me who have been in the back-burner of my eyes until now. One of them has a cap on backwards and I am immediately envious of how he pulls it off as it is a fashion trend I have been battling with for awhile. The other guy has blue new balances on with bright red soles which just adds to my envy. Not to mention, they both have suitcases with them, and as someone who is always wanderlust I suddenly feel an urge to buy a plane ticket whilst turning green. Part of me wants to just jump into their suitcase and go on an adventure; the other part of me wants to exchange travelling stories but instead I just return to my trusty notepad and pen.

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