Following Her Beyond the Café

A continuation of the Café exercise

Anna realised the time and finished her salad quickly, shooting off a text to Peter that she’d be home just after five, feeling that ball of guilt in her stomach curl a little tighter at the white lie. Anna argued fiercely with herself that is wasn’t a lie- she never explicitly said she was at work today and so there was nothing to feel guilty about. Nonetheless she couldn’t shake the guilt, not even when she had paid and exited the restaurant, taking in a cleaning breath of fresh air.

Anna walked briskly towards her destination, she was already late and didn’t want to lose anytime with…she shook herself. Thinking about it only made her gut clench tighter. Best to just live in the moment she told herself, and tried not to imagine how Peter would take it if he found out. When he found out. Anna walked faster, attempting and failing to leave her internal angst behind her. It wouldn’t do to be so preoccupied once she reached where she was headed.

Passing by a shop that had lingerie in the window, Anna felt herself blush and begin to get excited. It was silly, how one person had the capability of turning her into a giggling school girl again. Feeling the guilt rise up in her again as Peter’s declaration of love from the previous evening popped into her head, she shut it down. She wasn’t gonna let him, or her guilt, ruin this for her. When was the last time she did anything for herself? Probably last time I was with her.

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