Another thought, another mood

Another swing, and angry again.

For nothing. People remain confused

By me. It’s complicated, it twists ’round

It misleads. I think about why I feel

This way. “Why?” I lost to strength,

In a mess, in an unknown zone of

My mind. Lost, confused and angry.


Maybe this way, maybe that way,

Whatever way, I stay the same.

The whole year irritated

With myself, angry at myself

Angry with others, their words from the past

Haunt me, stay with me and I lose.

I ask “Why” and it’s all I can ask.

No answer; must do this alone


No matter how dark and lonely it is

I must find a way out, and feel ease.

I know this: time will tell, be patient

And answers will come to aid.

I must see this through soon,

So I ask “Why? Why do I feel like this?”

The question circles in my head, I confuse myself.

Frustration wells in my soul.

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