The Cruise Party – Wang

This is part of an exercise we did in class where each of us wrote a monologue of a character attending a cruise to celebrate someone’s 25th wedding anniversary.


Wang paces in his and Michael’s cabin on the ship. A pile of clothes is haphazardly thrown on the bed. Wang is dressed in an old cream suit which is clean and neat but looks plain and is quite faded.

WANG: Oh no! What am I going to wear? I only have this old thing (gestures to himself and makes a displeased face), and this just won’t do! All of those people outside have their fancy dresses and golden earrings, proudly showing their success through fashion. Why, I believe that old woman, Mary, must have more dress pants than I do! She seems like a very respectable and high-class lady. I can’t let her see me like this! What will she think of me as one of Stephen’s friends, a renowned doctor dressed in rags? No, no, it just won’t do! (he puts his head in his hands and his scream is muffled by them) Ugh, she’ll think I own a shop (removes his hands) or worse, work at a restaurant! Alright, think, think! There must be a solution. If I can operate on a pregnant woman in South Africa with power outages successfully, then I definitely should be able to find a bloody suit! (he stops pacing, has a eureka moment) Sarah! Her boyfriend, Raj, is about my size. Perhaps he can lend me something? He’s such a sweet man. I’m glad she found someone as nice as he is. (He goes towards the door to exit, then hesitates) But will she want to help me? Won’t I make it awkward if I wear something of her boyfriend’s? (getting frustrated) Oh, you know what? I always worry so much about what people think! I’ve been cooped up in here for over an hour, agonizing over a dumb suit, when I could have been out on the deck dancing with Michael. I’ll go out in my own suit, it’s part of who I am. I don’t care about fancy clothes, ties, and shoes, and if people can’t see past them when they look at me, so be it! (He nods decisively and exits the cabin)

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