The Cruise Party – Mary

Stephen’s Mother, Mary, a widow

MARY — “First, I would like to visit the cabin we booked and make sure I prepare everything. Tonight, me, Olivia, my son, Stephen, and his wife, Deborah, will be having dinner together in the five-star restaurant towards the front of the ship. I must prepare my clothes. My husband knew that being disorganised is always a problem. It disrupts the flow of events, it causes stress; I will avoid it, and put on my finest gown when evening comes. Here…on this floor I believe…room 250B, 251B, 252B…here it is. Room 261. Oh, it is quaint, a sweet little resting area for me and Olivia. There is a kettle. A small balcony where I can have some tea and share a few words with Olivia. First, like I said, let me prepare my luggage, and sort my clothes out. This dress was given to me by my husband. It was made by a tailor from France. I cherish it dearly. Let me prepare some tea. I had some tea bags just in case this situation came to be. My son said that his room is on the first floor of the ship. I should call him and invite him to my cabin and have a chat. How his work is going; being a director is stressful for him. He might have something to say to me. The hot water is ready now. I’ll admire the city and drink a cup of tea…”


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