Angus is going to ruin the ship’s carpet. He’s in quite a state about getting on the boat and the vet says he’s getting fat again. I suppose he is a little overindulged, as they say. He’s not getting as many walks, since the two of us are becoming increasingly arthritic in our old age- I can’t believe it’s been twenty-five years. He is also fed all the table scraps, but that’s besides the point.
I can’t imagine how I look to them, stepping off onto the boat. I got absolutely drenched on the way to the station (as did Angus, but he is less conscious of such things). Mary is breezy and stylish in a well-tailored green dress and patterned scarf, hair still in place and everything. Complete with frumpy drowned rat in homemade jumper with soggy dog. We board the ship.
You can’t help but wonder how Mary is feeling, since it’s been barely five years since the accident… and here we are, celebrating an anniversary. Yet, she seems less than bothered. I suppose she looks good next to scruffy woman with dog. Dog is currently ignoring his mature age and is jumping on all the guests. It’s going to be a long weekend.
I didn’t quite factor in the fact that everyone is going to want to pat Angus (well, except that one man in the corner). I’m sure it’s lovely for him getting all that attention, but I’d very much like to sit down and dry off.

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