‘About Your Drinking…’

“There is a part of my mind that tells me to drink–

Just a tiny little voice convinces me.

Only my kids can stop me from drinking,” you said.

I know you realise the impact it had on our family,

And I want you stop as does your daughter and your ex-wife

and your parents and your work colleagues.

I understand the destruction of it, all of us suffered

I could not imagine the realisation of it or the deep guilt it would burden.

I understand your need of others…


But you must realise this: you are the cause

You have allowed this.

You must make a change to the problem.

It has proved to be beyond our family’s control.

Remember that drive during the night with me in the back?

It was traumatising; I thought you were a stranger.

I couldn’t trust my own dad.

How can I or my sister fix that?

What about that wedding you and…her brought up?

What happened to it?


I care about you because your my dad.

          You need to tackle your own problems.

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